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Client quotes

“I have found the Allied Neuro Therapy team provides a co-ordinated and consistent approach amongst each other, with me as Case Manager, and with the client, and this enhances the quality of therapy received by my clients. The therapists areexperts in their respective fields, but also work incredibly well together and with other professionals outside their team to complement their own practice.

Working with the team, as opposed to working with individual therapists, provides a holistic approach, improves communication and maintains good standards of practice. Also, if required, I can receive an MDT report rather than individual discipline reports.

An established team like the ANT team are effective as soon as they are on board with a case.”

Joanne Foster

Senior Case Manager, Brownbill Associates Ltd.

“My experience with the Allied Neuro Therapy team has been that a single point of access to a range of therapies makes it easier to put the right people together with the right clients.

Their multidisciplinary team work well together and joint reports not only save time and money, but promote a co-ordinated and effective approach to rehabilitation. Working this way is also in the best interests of the client and their family. It’s a great service for Case Managers and clients alike.”

Nikki Ounsworth

Senior Case Manager and Partner, COOCI Associates LLP.

“At NewLaw we believe that a substantial part of our role in acting for the victims of brain injury is getting them the best rehabilitation as soon as possible. The team at Allied Neuro Therapy have a fantastic reputation in providing this rehabilitation in a multi disciplinary format. We have seen the benefits for our clients in engaging a team who work closely and know each other’s styles and compliment one another as the ANT team do. The opportunity for a single point of referral to get the rehabilitation process moving is also invaluable in ensuing our clients receive the best support as quickly as possible.”

Rob Thomas

Technical Claims Partner (Solicitor), NewLaw Solicitors.