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How we work

Our co-ordinated multidisciplinary approach enables seamless working and communication, with clear, realistic goal-setting and consistent note-taking, so that progress towards these goals can be easily monitored through regular and accurate updates.

We are acutely aware of how administrative costs can affect the care a patient receives, so we place great emphasis on working as cost-effectively as possible. For example, because our team is in constant contact with one another, the need for expensive MDT meetings is reduced.

And as our core team are all full-time, independent therapists, you can be confident that a patient will always receive the attention they need and that treatment will never become sporadic due to other commitments.

What we have in common is that we are not ‘typical’ therapists. We all initially trained in the NHS, and so are acutely aware of the pros and cons of the NHS system and have always strived to bring the good points over into our independent practice.

We can provide a dedicated, specialist team of therapists with a wealth of experience in brain injury rehabilitation and a successful track record of working together.

We all employ a creative approach to our work, and share a willingness to go the extra mile. We are open-minded about the best way to help our patients achieve their goals, and always look to combine our expertise so that the patient achieves optimum results.

Our therapists follow the psycho-social model of rehabilitation: the idea that through engagement in physical, psychological and social processes, people can learn to live a life that is not dominated by their disability.