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Allied Neuro Therapy

A multi-disciplinary team that provides multiple benefits for:

If a patient is to lead a fulfilling life following an acquired brain injury, there is usually a complex mix of physical and cognitive problems that need to be addressed. It can prove very difficult to treat one aspect of the condition if other interlinked aspects are neglected. So in such cases, it’s common for patients to require a team of specialist neuro-therapists to help with their rehabilitation, such as an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, and Psychologist.

This multidisciplinary approach not only has benefits for patients, but also for the solicitors and case managers who are organising rehabilitation for their clients.

However, putting a multi-disciplinary team together yourself can be a nightmare. It can be very time-consuming to find the right therapists, who cover the right area, who will work well together and are available when you need them.

It’s so much easier to use a multi-disciplinary team with a single point of referral.

We can provide a dedicated, specialist team of therapists with a wealth of experience in brain injury rehabilitation and a successful track record of working together.